Please have a look at our 2013 session schedule.

You may notice a lot more sessions here than years previous. This year we decided to try something different: we accepted all the sessions. Yes, you heard us right: with only a few exceptions, all sessions were accepted.  People who submitted more than one session were asked to choose their favorite, and several sessions on the same topic have been asked to come together to create a dream-team style presentation. With those two caveats, we've decided that if you have something to share with the community, we'd like you to share it.

BADCamp's trend of Radical Inclusion means that there will be a lot of things going on at any one time.  How will you decide which session to attend? Know this: the featured sessions will be recorded and made available online. Take advantage of the smaller sessions on the 2nd floor of Dwinelle, and especially the Birds of a Feather gatherings (BoFs).  These will not be recorded, and may be even more enjoyable than the sessions

As always, we're looking forward to trying new things, and hope you'll get a lot of value from all the rich content this community can provide.


In spite of all those checkboxes you checked when signing up for BADCamp this year, we're still severely short on volunteers. BADCamp is a free event put on for the people, by the people, and that means you too. If you can spare an afternoon or two, please sign up to help us out!