There's Earth Day for our planet, and now Dries Day for Drupal! We're rallying the community to celebrate a new international holiday called Dries Day on November 19th to celebrate the Drupal Project.

To celebrate, we're asking everyone in the community to spend the day on Drupal community projects: plan a camp, do a training, work on modules, push code, write documentation, read about Drupal 8 or whatever you find interesting. This is not a bad price to pay for all the great stuff in Drupal. If you're an employer, we encourage you to give your employees a paid day to work on Drupal. It's simple to participate:

  • Add your company to
  • Have your team participate on Dries Day
  • Tally the number of hours your team contributed
  • Write your hours on the signage (we'll post it soon) and take a creative team photo with the sign
  • Send us the photo and post it on
  • Enjoy the good kharma and extra marketing exposure: tweet your participation using the hashtag #driesday
  • We'll be awarding prizes for creative contributions, so let the fun begin!

Check out the Facebook page for more information. We'd love to hear your feedback and answer any questions you may have. Extra fun things to do on Dries Day:

  • Wish everyone in Drupaland a happy Dries Day!
  • As in, "Merry Dries Day to you, madam!" and "Happy Dries Day!"
  • Buy Dries or your favorite community member a beer
  • Talk in a Belgian accent
  • Install the Dries Day module on your company site
  • Eat Belgian waffles for dinner
  • Buy your favorite Drupaler a Belgian beer
  • Cake and Presents - good for any holiday
  • Paint a Belgian flag on your face

And of course, there's a module for that!
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11/19/2013 - 12:00am to 11:45pm


All around the globe!

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