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Senior Developer
As a Senior Developer at Phase2, Robert Bates is able to pursue his interests in solving complex multi-tier integration challenges with elegant solutions. He has experience not only in traditional web programming languages such as PHP and JavaScript, but also traditional compiled languages such as C, C++, and Java. Robert began his career in 1994 writing cross-platform graphics solutions for commercial CAD systems, and eventually found himself integrating his solutions with web applications on both UNIX and Windows platforms in 1997. He combined his Internet programming and cross-platform skills while at Infosys Development Group in Houston, Texas, to build high-performance enterprise data management solutions for BMC Software and Caminus. Robert studied Computer Science, Engineering, Biochemistry and Genetics at Texas A&M University. He also received both a BBA and MBA with finance concentrations from Saint Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. He enjoys contributing to open source projects, and is an author or co-maintainer for several Drupal modules.
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