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VP, Large Scale Drupal
Michael is the Vice President of Large Scale Drupal at Acquia's Office of the CTO, where he works for the company founder and Drupal Project lead, Dries Buytaert. Through Large Scale Drupal, Michael and his team work with some of the largest organizations running Drupal helping them to understand and truly leverage open source software and development models. By adopting the methods and best practices that have made Drupal one of the mot successful open source projects in the world, organizations are driving down costs through collaboration and creating higher quality software through the input of many minds and perspectives. Michael is an Emmy nominated technologist and entrepreneur with multiple exits - most recently NowPublic.com, the first venture backed Drupal based startup company, which he built from an idea to a top 500 website and managed through a successful merger. Michael advises several startups including LifeBooker.com, MapBox.com, and Parse.ly, the board of the Drupal Association, and is the former CTO, Examiner.com (a top 50 site, and the first Top 100 Drupal site). Michael is a huge proponent of open source technologies and regularly speaks at industry conferences in North America and Europe.
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