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Sr. Technical Lead
About me, I'm a west coast guy currently living in the east coast, a Sr. Technical Lead at NBCUniversal, and also own a business called CodeMyDesigns.com. I've been professionally building websites and web applications for 10+ years, have been working with Drupal for a little over 7, and am the author of Foundation Drupal 7, published by Apress. Over the last couple years I've found myself transitioning into more of a managerial role, mentoring developers, managing development teams, writing documentation, doing code review, enforcing best practices, and more. Some of the clients and projects I've worked on include PBS Kids Sprout, Penn State University, Strayer University, K12, Harvard, Orbitz, Rutgers, and others I'm too lazy to remember. I tend to do a lot of Drupal consulting with agencies as well. On my down time I enjoy spending time with my family and working on muscle cars.
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