Know a thing or two about writing custom modules, themes, and configuring high performance Drupal sites? Trellon seeks qualified Drupal developers to join our elite development team. We are hiring for positions ranging from senior developers to technical leads.

Drupal Developers are important actors in our delivery process. Here's what we expect them to do:

  • Understand the goals and strategy behind each project from conception through completion. Our thoughtful, dedicated approach to working with clients is what sets us apart.
  • Write clean, well-engineered code that conforms with accepted standards within the Drupal community, and test web applications. Drupal Developers set an example through strong quality assurance practices in their day to day work.
  • Communicate effectively with project managers, technical leads, internet strategists, and other internal team members, as well as outside stakeholders. We want to maintain a positive, productive environment, and Drupal Developers are active in sharing knowledge across the organization and with our clients.
  • Identify opportunities for process improvement and make constructive suggestions for change. There is always a better way to do things, and Drupal Developers are instrumental in helping our team to become more productive.

Who We Are Looking For

Drupal Developers bring a broad range of skills with them including a background in different technologies, critical thinking skills and expertise in the platforms we commonly use to deliver great results to clients. Have-to-have skills include the following:

  • The ability to interact with clients and help them to understand Drupal. This includes:
    • exploring ideas for how to use the platform, and explaining what various modules do.
    • collecting requirements and helping people craft their strategy for how to use their web sites.
    • demonstrating new features as they become available, receiving feedback and incorporating it in your work.
  • Knowledge of PHP and MySQL development techniques, including the following:
    • using svn for code checkouts, version control, and deployment techniques.
    • web server and datbase tuning.
  • The ability to work without direct supervision, to make use of internal project management tools, to diligently record your hours in the timekeeping system, and to keep others aware of your schedule for planning purposes.

Nice-to-haves include the following:

  • Visibile participation in your local Drupal scene. We support groups throughout North America and are always looking for ways to increase that support.
  • jQuery and CSS development skills. We are always looking for people with a sense of style.

  • Understanding of at least one CRM system. We work with a number of CRM solutions and you will likely be involved with setting one up.
  • Experience with scalability issues and high performance web sites. Many of our sites need to scale to handle massive amounts of traffic.
  • Technical documentation. We like concept diagrams, site maps, feature lists, data transformation tables, and anything else that provides transparency to our process.
  • Writing skills. Articulate, clever people with their own opinions will find many outlets for their talents.

Why You Would Want to Work Here

Trellon is a little different from other companies. There are a lot of reasons you might want to look at working with our team:

  • We build awesome Drupal sites. Trellon delivers robust solutions on tight timeframes, which often include advanced components that go far beyond out of the box solutions. We are experts on thinking through challenges and developing thoughtful, sustainable solutions that are satisfying on so many levels.
  • You get to travel and attend Drupal functions all over the place. Trellon sponsors events throughout North America, Europe and other parts of the world and we bring the team along wherever we go.
  • You work from home on your own schedule. Trellon is a virtual company, there's no boss looking over your shoulder telling you to turn off Oprah.
  • You get to make the world a nicer place. 90% of our clients are non-profits, NGOs, associations, universities and other worthwhile organizations looking to do great things. The other 10% of our clients are doing something special with the Internet and are generally using it for really cool purposes.
  • You get to learn something new. We have a fantastic team of smart people, all of whom enjoy sharing their knowledge, and our projects tend to be cutting edge affairs that involve unique, sophisticated technology challenges. We hire based on character just as much as technical competence.
  • You get paid to contribute back to Drupal. Full time developers are paid to write patches, contribute modules, blog about cool topics, and generally act as a responsible open source people.

How to Apply

Send a copy of your resume, a cover letter stating your salary requirements, and a list of links to sites you have built and your Drupal user profile to Please also provide a code sample as well.


Trellon is a strategy and development firm specializing in the work of non-profits, NGOs, academic institutions and socially responsible businesses.