About Us:
Jackson River is searching for progressive, committed, talented folks who love what they do. We are a 5-year-old technology and strategy firm that helps awesome organizations doing good work in the world. We’ve worked with some of the most interesting, influential caused-based organizations out there, like the ASPCA, International Rescue Committee, Defenders of Wildlife, Democratic Governor’s Association, Student Conservation Association, Drug Policy Alliance, and Save San Francisco Bay. Our platform is Springboard, a best-of-breed toolset for online marketing and fundraising that pairs Drupal CMS with industry-leading CRMs such as Salesforce.

We are in this to make a difference. We’re also a certified socially-responsible B Corp. Our staff goes to bed at night knowing that every status call we lead, every Drupal module we developed, and every recommendation we delivered is improving our collective lot on this planet.

Our employees work from home -- wherever that may be. We work hard to maintain expertise in our field, thinking up creative solutions to complex problems so that our clients can focus on what matters most: progress. We pride ourselves on being a team that:

  •        Is smart and helpful
  •        Plays well with others
  •        Knows technology, but thinks like marketers do
  •        Communicates well and often
  •        Balances quality and efficiency
  •        Strongly values work-life balance
  •        Has a great sense of humor
  •        Is everywhere (just like our clients)

If you earn deep client trust, consult with expertise, are a non-sucky communicator, and are committed to new technology, processes, and ideas, please get in touch with us.

About the position:

The Manager of Website Development is a new role within the Professional Services Department for managing Jackson River's site building practice. This position creates and maintains standards of development for the development team, while also managing a small team of developers. The positions report to the VP of Professional Services and work closely with the other development managers, in addition to the DevOps and Platform teams.


  • Manages a team of 5-7 developers
  • Performs weekly check-ins with team members
  • Reviews site build plans for adherence to Jackson River standards
  • Participates in the hiring process for developer candidates
  • Ensures that implementation is technically consistent and efficient across projects
  • Provide periodic code reviews
  • Guides, mentors, and supports development staff
  • Works with VPs to hire new developers and ensures team performance meets or exceed company expectations
  • Documents, maintains, and enforces site development standards in coordination with other stakeholders at Jackson River. This may include:
    • PHP coding standards
    • Naming conventions
    • Module selection and usage standards
    • Security
    • Theming
    • Site building techniques (panels vs. context, base theme vs. no base theme, etc.)
    • Performance
    • Development workflow (dev - staging - production)
    • Basic quality assurance process and practices
    • Deployment practices, developed in coordination with DevOps team
  • Acts as the technical lead or developer on technical projects
  • Provides input and estimates during the pricing of site builds
  • Stays abreast of development trends in the larger Drupal community and distributes this information to the development team on a regular basis
  • Encourages and fosters staff contributions to the Drupal community ecosystem
  • Works with support to set up and maintain a Drupal knowledge base for the Professional Services department


  • Ability to lead the planning, development, and implementation of Drupal based CMS sites from start to finish
  • Experience leading and managing a team of developers
  • 4+ years Drupal site building in both D6 and D7
  • Deep knowledge of the internal functionality of Drupal Core and Drupal's top contributed modules
  • Experience building custom Drupal modules from specification
  • Strong HTML/CSS/JS skills
  • Ability to wrangle Drupal's theme layer (template files and preprocessor functions)
  • Experience translating wireframes or design comps into Drupal specific features
  • Ability to consistently create accurate estimates
  • Experience working as part of a virtual team
  • Experience working in a digital agency
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A solutions-based approach to problem solving
  • Strong self-management skills, with the ability to manage and complete multiple competing priorities
  • An excellent sense of humor

Bonus point awarded for:

  • Additional CMS experience, in addition to Drupal
  • Stellar theming skills, including previous experience building responsive themes

How to Apply: Salary is commensurate with experience. Send an email cover letter (this job involves WRITING and we will not consider applications without a cover letter) and your resume to jobs@jacksonriver.com.


Jackson River is a remarkably different consulting company. Our mission is to support and strengthen non-profits by enhancing the effectiveness of their technology.

Most of our client's sites are Drupal sites and we've developed custom modules, themes and implemented integrations with Salesforce, Convio, Kintera, Engaging Networks, CapWiz and Salsa.