We’re looking for an extremely talented front-end developer to help us realize the vision for one of the most critical aspects of our web-based application. Our entire service is delivered through web interactions. This critical role requires top-level command for web interaction design and build techniques. (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, etc.)

You are a design-minded thinker and a builder. You ideally have strong opinions that have been well formed through experience working with various technologies. You surely have opinions about how to make appropriate tradeoffs during the build process depending on the ultimate objective for the project. You’re also likely a ravenous web user/consumer, with an insatiable curiosity for how various technologies are being used. We’d like to hear your thoughts.

Specific skills

  • Take it from the top:  You have a discerning eye for good user-centered design and well formed opinions about the best way to achieve desired outcomes.
  • HTML, CSS, JS and other required skills. You’ve got this down.
  • You likely prototype with HTML/CSS, and can generally build with minimal use of images because you’ve mastered CSS3 and various abstractions of it.
  • You’ve built interfaces which rely on JSON data to be presented nicely.
  • You a care about getting things right, but are also capable of making appropriate tradeoffs when necessary.
  • Rapid prototyping – to post and paste a wall full of flows and directions to get it right.
  • Experience organizing and maintaining front-end resources on large projects.
  • You’re a natural communicator.

About the role

Our entire service is delivered through web interactions. Our business depends on our ability to make interactions graceful and intuitive. This critical role requires a top-level command for web interaction design and build techniques. This person will own the responsibility of building new interfaces as well as rationalizing existing flows in an effort to continually improve the overall usability and success of our service.

This person will work closely with our Engineering team as well as our Design and Product teams to deliver cohesive user interactions that are a joy to use for our customers.

We practice a Scrum methodology. We focus intensely, and execute well on what we set out to achieve. You’ll be part of making that happen.


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