Drupal DevOps Summit

This summit will be run in an open format ala DevOps Days or Bar Camp. We will organize those who want to demo or present at the event itself, and there will be space for breakout/working groups. If you would like to participate, you don't need permission, just bring your great idea and ideally a demo! While contacting us beforehand with ideas and presentations is helpful, we will gather ideas at the start of the day and schedule time slots and breakout rooms, and we will create new breakout/working groups on the fly if needed.

Our goal is to have an interactive day full of advanced discussion, sprint style working groups, or small group tutorial/demo/instruction, in keeping with the high-value intensity of past DevOps summits.

Topics may include configuration management (of both Drupal and underlying OSs), cloud related technologies, development and operations workflows and tools, automated testing strategies, or any other topic that helps us be more awesome.

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