Drupal eCommerce Summit

The Drupal eCommerce summit is a day of presentation and discussion about eCommerce on Drupal.

Half of the day will be devoted to Drupal Commerce itself, the module package at the heart of the newest developments in Drupal powered eCommerce between its Drupal 7 native architecture and its "total package" distribution, Commerce Kickstart.  We'll give special attention to the future of Drupal Commerce as it presses forward onto Drupal 8.

The second half of the day will incorporate broader presentations and discussion around doing commerce on Drupal, including topics such as managing PCI compliance, e-mail marketing, and more.

Our goal is for attendees to be exposed to new topics that will make them better eCommerce developers in the future and for them to contribute to the community the best practices and strategies they've developed for successfully launching and maintaining eCommerce sites using Drupal.

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