Enjoy Drupal: Site Builder Basics - Friday

A full day training consisting of progressive beginner topics in the morning (content creation, content types, fields & views) followed by mentored advanced topics and feature building in the afternoon.

  • If you are not sitting in the classroom THIRTY MINUTES before the start of class, your seat will be given away and you will not be allowed to take the course. Period. We will begin promptly at 9am and will not accept anyone after class starts. Class ends at 4pm.

  • You must bring a laptop that can connect to wifi. Some people have used tablets successfully, but your mileage may vary.

  • There will be 15-minute breaks around 10:30 am and 2:30.

  • This workshop follows the curriculum from a workbook that we will provide you when you enter the classroom.

  • We start out the day with a minimally pre-configured Drupal site from Pantheon that we will set up for you in advance. Your workbook will contain your login credentials.



Exercise 1: Creating Content

  • Creating a Basic page
  • Creating an Article

Exercise 2: Content Types

  • Adding the testimonial content type
  • Adding fields to testimonial content

Exercise 3: Views

  • Creating our first view
  • Placing the Testimonials block

Exercise 4: Taxonomy

  • Adding a vocabulary
  • Adding a term reference field to a content type

Additional topics will be covered as time allows.

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