Higher Education Summit

On Friday Oct 25th, come and enjoy a day filled with university folks sharing ideas, code, and solutions to problems each of us face out in our own pocket of the world. This is your opportunity to discuss with your peers from other universities about topics of your Drupal expertise as well as see how your higher-ed colleagues are leveraging Drupal to streamline business processes, engage the public, and much more. Come and see the efforts universities have made to develop and share Drupal infrastructure campus-wide and beyond. You should walk away from this summit with a whole new toolset you can use to build Drupal sites, and closer ties that can help you innovate and problem solve in the academic context.


9:00-10:15 — Opening, EduDU update (bwood), Attendee Introductions, Identify BoF and lightning talks opportunities

10:15-10:30 — Break, move to breakout rooms

Main Room (Content-focus)
10:30-11:00 — Quinn Dombrowski | Drupal for humanists: lessons learned in teaching scholars to build Drupal sites for research
11:15-11:45 — BoF Tables
Back Room (Code-focus)
10:30-11:00 — Mike Potter | Panel on features best practices
11:00-11:30 — Future of Sharing (panel)

11:30-11:45 — Break, Reconvene

11:45-12:15 — PANEL | Features in the broader context

12:15-01:30 — LUNCH

1:30-2:00 — Reconvene, Lightning Talks

2:00-2:45 — SESSION - CSUMB: Kevin and Greg, Service Learning

2:45-3:15 — Lightning Talks, BoF Tables

3:15-3:30 — Break

3:30-4:00 — SESSION - John Kealy | Drupal as a Research Tool at UCSF

4:00-4:30 — BoF Tables

4:30-5:00 — Reflection, Plus/Delta, takeaways

For those wanting to continue the conversation, Berkeley Free House is our destination of choice.

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