Level up your Themer - Thursday

What level themer are you? Ever wanted to upgrade your skill set and take your theming a little beyond your comfort zone? In this course we'll start you off at the ground floor of Drupal 7 Theming and work our way towards becoming theming super heroes. Lvl0: Contrib Themes: What can you do without code? Lvl1: Getting Started: Introduction, theme anatomy, .info files, common tools. Lvl2: Base Themes: How to sub-theme, picking a base theme, common tricks. Lvl3: Tipple fips (.tpl.php): Drupal's cascading templates, overrides, simple PHP. Lvl4: Preprocess functions: Introduction to template.php, adding variables to templates. Lvl5: Altering forms: Using hook_form_alter to modify various Drupal-y forms. ... and topics including responsive / mobile, layout techniques, common gotcha's and more. Required: HTML, CSS, Drupal site building (content types, fields, views) Optional: PHP, jQuery, Drush

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