Mobile Drupal Summit

Mobile is here, and it's everywhere, in every context. Where do we go from here, now that mobile isn't just a nice-to-have, or a mandated requirement, but a ubiquitous feature? 

This year's Mobile Drupal Summit will feature speaker presentations and panel discussions from throughout the Drupal development universe and cover topics involving design, strategy, frameworks, best practices, performance, building decoupled Drupal frontends/apps and practical tips for everyday development. 

Speakers and panelists include:

Jesse Beach
Megan Erin Miller
Kevin O'Leary
Scott Reeves
Sam Richard
Chris Ruppel
Kendall Totten 
Mason Wendell
Sally Young

and more to come!

We are looking for additional participants who'd like to present! If you have a short (30 minutes or less) presentation topic, or would like to participate on a moderated discussion panel, send an email introducing yourself to

Summit Sponsors

Please contact Anne Stefanyk if you are interested in sponsoring BADCamp.