Views in Drupal Core (VDC) sprint

The Views in Drupal Core initiative team needs your help to make the most of Views in core! We're looking for developers to help in three areas:

  1. Help the team complete critical API change documentation so that ccontributed module authors can easily ugrade their modules to Views in Drupal 8.
  2. Convert core listings to Views so that we can remove legacy code and leverage Views fully.
  3. Upgrade contributed modules that extend Views to test APIs and get contrib D8-ready!

xjm will be onhand the whole week to get you started, and dawehner will be available remotely to answer your tough technical questions.


Monday, Oct 21st
Tuesday, Oct 22rd
Wednesday, Oct 23rd
Thursday, Oct 24th
Friday, Oct 25th
Saturday, Oct 26th

Sprint Locations

Monday Oct 21 - Wednesday Oct 23

Berkeley City Club
2315 Durant Avenue Berkeley,
CA 94704 Thursday

Oct 24 - Tuesday Oct 29

CHX coder lounge @ Eudemonia
2154 University Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704