¡Vamos al Futuro!

Being a professional in the Drupal community often keeps one focused on only the highest technology and focused on the present and future.  And while the future is rushing towards us at what feels like a faster and faster pace, there are actually amazing lessons that can be drawn from indigenous cultures and their particular intersection with technology.  I'll provide examples of several cultural intersections with technology ranging from Bon Tibetan monks sharing widsom online to my experiences with Drupal in Latin America including two recent keynotes in  Ecuador  and Costa Rica.  In addition, I’ll talk about how some indigenous philosophical traditions actually presage many technical development best practices

 ¡ Vamos!

When I first saw Drupal back in 4.7 while working at an indigenous rights non-profit, I had a sense that this tool and community was going to be crucial to communication and knowledge frameworks that are critical for the future of our planet. As technologists solving problems big & small across the internet, we have a lot of amazing cutting edge tools in web development and Drupal is a nexus that works in a modular way to pull everything together. 

I want to inspire and educate developers and others in the community with both how technology can really help with the “original” grass roots movements of indigenous peoples, as well as share the surprisingly relevant and useful ancient wisdom that many of these indigenous cultures are for the first time able to share with global audiences through very modern technologies such as Drupal.  As technology evolves, we need to ensure that internet culture and indeed global culture is evolved with it as much as eroded by it.


Drupodcast S2-E02: Vamos al Futuro

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Saturday, Oct 26th
2:00pm - 2:45pm


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