A website is the answer around which we construct all our questions.

But, what is a website?

Commonly claimed to have emerged from a history of computing, its evolution is tree-graphed as a progression of abstractions in systems, languages and paradigms. Yet a website is an idea, a construct at the intersection of form and content that we have assumed the responsibility to maintain and develop.

The Drupal community generally strives to explore the website with the client in mind, and we seek a middle ground between our desire to innovate, and the need to please. Are we tradespeople or are we the new Mad Men?


This talk will focus on a history of innovation.

We'll seek to understand, despite exponent megapixels, the limitations prescribed by a pixel and the constraints of screen-space. With this knowledge, we move from responsive design to design leadership.

We'll learn from the pioneers of new media art, look through the lens of cinema, explode print metaphors, define hypertext, sadly acknowledge animated poetry, and salute transmedia storytelling, 360 campaigns, and the death of the CD.

We'll look at how the Palm UI, and subsequent mobile interfaces, inadvertently spawned improvements in web accessibility, machine learning, data mining, and The Cloud.


This whirlwind tour will be followed by a Question and Question period.



slides at http://bit.ly/42-42


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Sunday, Oct, 27th
9:00am - 9:45am


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