Beginning Drupal 7 Module Development

Hello, I'm Joe Crespo, a Developer at Aten Design Group in Denver, Colorado. I am a longtime PHP developer that came to Drupal in the past year. I recently presented my first session at DrupalCamp Colorado 2013 which was well received. This session clocks in between 35-38 minutes, leaving enough time for Q&A.

PHP developers new to Drupal, and site builders that are interested in development. Assumes basic knowledge of PHP and CSS.

Instead of the first obligatory "Hello World" example code, we will create a new Drupal 7 module that improves the UI of a popular contrib module.

This session will discuss best practices prior to building a module, organizing your custom modules, tackle a real-world problem, and stepping through the process from inception to completion of a new module.

Topics Covered

  • Hooks overview
  • Research before creating a module
  • Best practices for development in Drupal
  • How to organize your modules
  • .info and .module files
  • Drupal-specific functions
  • hook_form_alter()
  • drupal_get_path()
  • drupal_add_css()
  • Brief overview of the Drupal developer's toolbox (Git, drush, devel, IRC)

Sorry, the video for this session will not be available. There was no sound. :(

Saturday, Oct 26th
9:00am - 9:45am


Skill Level