Building Dynamic Visitor Experiences with Drupal Rules, Tokens, and Actions

We've all been offered products on that shoppers "like you" also purchased or seen the simple, "Welcome back, Bob! We have specials just for you.". Have you ever wondered if that sort of dynamic engagement was possible with Drupal?

Yes, thanks to the power of Drupal's Tokens and Rules systems. With a bit of know-how, it is not only possible for a Drupal marketer to build, it's affordable, and maintainable.

Come to this session to learn how to build sophisticated, dynamic, and personalized visitor experiences in Drupal using Rules, Tokens, and Actions. We'll take personalization and tracking data from a marketing automation platform, combine it with Drupal, and create unique, sophisticated experiences quickly and without programming.

This session is designed for developers, site builders, and marketers. It assumes knowledge of Drupal admin, installing modules, and basic configuration tasks. It is helpful if you understand how Rules and Tokens work but not necessary.

In this sessions, we will discuss basic and advanced uses in each of the following areas:

  • Tokens: Using basic contact data to create friendly and personalized experiences for site visitors far beyond "Welcome back".
  • Rules: Dynamically engage each visitor with unique content, calls-to-action, and even site navigation built just for them.
  • Conditions: Use marketing data about each visitor - list membership, past actions, emails opened, campaign engagement, etc. - to change the way your Drupal website behaves.
  • Actions: Respond well when a visitor takes a certain action on your website. Easily build a profile for future engagement, send emails, show different content, connect them to the sales team, and more.
Sunday, Oct, 27th
9:00am - 9:45am


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