Building Interactive Sites with JQuery

JQuery is a powerful yet easy-to-use Javascript library that comes bundled with Drupal. This session will give you the foundation you need to begin sprucing up your sites with interactive features like expanding & collapsing sections on your page, clickable areas (rather than just clickable links), immediate validation of form input, and more.

Things we'll cover:

- A basic pattern for making things happen with jQuery.

- The various ways to inject jQuery into your site.

- How to find jQuery methods that do what you want.

- Example: how to create entire elements that can be clicked (as opposed to just a link.)

- Example: how to create expanding/collapsing sections.

- Example: how to validate a form.

Requirements: You should be comfortable styling sites with CSS and have a basic understanding of JavaScript or some other programming language. (I.e., it'll be helpful to understand how if-statements and for-loops work.)

If this session can be scheduled before the Responsive Design session (assuming it is accepted), then this is a good pre-requisite for that class.

Sunday, Oct, 27th
4:00pm - 4:45pm


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