Coffee Break Colombia: An International Event Model


Coffee Break Colombia: An International Event Model

Coordinating a large number of local attendees, and a level of expert speakers makes for a high budget and logistical concerns that are often prove very difficult to get an event off the ground. As Drupal adoption and interest grows internationally, having an alternate model for successful events leveraging remote speakers is essential for community development. After trying to plan an event in Colombia 2 times and going through this Odyssey, we developed a solution that fit our budget constraints, relied heavily on video presentations and inspired the local community.

In this session, I’ll discuss the experience of coordinating Coffee Break Colombia [Website:] [Fanpage: ]  as an event model that is a solution for planning a successful knowledge sharing event. If you meet have three basic elements: a public place and academic (University), International and domestic Speakers (video), advertising (web agencies, social networking companies). This model is possible and already applied in Bogotá - Colombia. As the 1st event in this model for the Drupal community in South America, Coffee Break Colombia focused on information architecture, project management, usability and accessibility and featuring speakers on front-end and back-end and including international guests from Phase2 , Acquia and national guests.

Saturday, Oct 26th
5:00pm - 5:45pm


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