Connection, Fear, and Value: How people choose agencies.

So much of the collective sales wisdom out there boils down to: "follow these steps which will magically win every project and vanquish all competitors". Even the best sales books focus mostly on the sales person and what he should do to maximize the chances of closing a deal. Yet, in reality what the *client* does or thinks is far more important, and those in sales should be more concerned with adapting their actions to fit how people choose and buy Drupal services. If you know how someone buys, doesn't it stand to reason that you can sell to them better? 

Drawing upon experiences at Lullabot, this session attempts to explain some of the factors and mechanics involved in client decision-making, whether or not clients are consciously aware of them. We'll cover: 

  • The core characteristics most clients are evaluating
  • What type of information they're looking for in a sales conversation
  • What influences client perception and what doesn't
  • How value is recognized, and where sales effort should be spent

This talk is structured to talk less about past experiences and "war stories", and more to speak about practical strategies in a sales engagement. The ideal attendee would be someone who sells Drupal design or development services at an agency level, though many of the concepts are universally applicable to all types of sales. 

Sunday, Oct, 27th
4:00pm - 4:45pm


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