d3.js visualizations — Video Available

Visualization conversations in Drupal are usually centered around UI options, php api functions, and graphing engines. Other than "which graphing library should I use?", there is very little conversation about the actual Javascript itself, yet most visualizations are done using Javascript.

We'd like to switch the conversation from PHP, over to JS and treat a 'visualization' as a new library. When the word 'visualization' is mentioned in the Drupal world, we'd like the community to think of this:


Not this:



The d3.js Drupal module allows you to create a new visualization, (or use the demo visualizations), with a few guidelines in the javascript to make it compatible with the d3 module. This gives the developer complete flexibility in their visualization, and also gives them the ability to clone out visualizations if they'd like to change only certain characteristics. 

Attached are a few screenshots of the d3 examples within the module.


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The video for this session is available on archive.org. There may be sound dropouts in the video — it's not your computer.
Sunday, Oct, 27th
9:00am - 9:45am


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