Data Visualization

Demand for creating websites with compelling data visualization is growing rapidly. Data can come in different formats, i.e. CSV, KML, geoJSON etc. Is Drupal ready as a platform for visualizing data?

In this session we will explore the tools already available within Drupal and go over their powers and limitations. For example:

·      How easy or difficult to draw a polygon on a map

·      Customizing base map attributes

·      Pie chart representation

·      Combining data from multiple streams

·      Adding data from external source 

We will also explore how to cope with the requirement to build a visualization-intense site with the tools outside of Drupal and to integrate them with Drupal content.  Some of these tools include (but not limited to):

·      Cloudmade site

·      MapBox API

·      Google Chart

·      Fusion Table

·      TileMill Studio

We will demo a site built using geoJSON data. The implementation involves leaflet api, MapBox Libraries, geoJSON, cloudMade map building, javascript, ajax, custom Drupal module.


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Saturday, Oct 26th
10:00am - 10:45am


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