Development & Profit in Project Management

Profitability is never a guaranteed outcome. 


Drupal is a powerful CMS that developers use to give clients the web products they need, with all of the features and functionality they want.  Drupal can provide all this at a lower cost than HTML or other platforms, but using Drupal is no guarantee of profitable project.


Using Drupal along with an Agile Development Process is an excellent way to eliminate much of the wasted efforts found in a traditional Waterfall Development Process.  By comparison, using an Agile Methodology can reduce cost by as much as half, or provide up to twice as much product for the same budget!  However, Drupal and Agile alone are not enough to ensure a profitable outcome.


Experienced project management along with a senior-level development team can successfully use Drupal and Agile to start from a position of great strength on any project.  Adding proper management techniques to work-flow and production will help move any project toward potential profits, but even the best team cannot overcome fatal flaws in scope, schedule, or budget.


What are the fundamentals needed to keep costs under control during a project?  How do you bid projects against a client's budget properly?  How do you address scope, schedule, and budget to start off in the best position possible to achieve a win-win outcome for your client and yourself?


In this session we’ll discuss how to address these questions and answer them successfully, with specific attention to how these answers may change along with the size of the dev team or the project; some key management fundamentals that have business value far beyond project management alone.  We’ll address some specifics of the Agile process, the development process, how to construct the development team; understand the relevant economies of scale for projects and development that can help dev-shops large and small identify the best range of projects to target in order to bring home profits and grow their business. 


Examples will be taken from attendees to discuss as specific case studies.


Attendees will participate in a discussion of:


Agile development methods applied to web-dev


how the communication process can break down and wreck projects


properly sizing budget, scope, and schedule of any project from the beginning


How a full service digital agency applies these techniques successfully


James has given presentations on project management in Drupal at SAND Camp, he frequently speaks about production techniques at Downtown Drupal L.A. meet-ups, and Drupal Business Summits.  James also narrates, produces, and stars in a video blog for Team FREDNET (TFX), one of the groups currently in competition for the Google Luner X-Prize.  As part of that team, James has given presentations to NASA about TFX's mission profile.  As a Technical Project Manager at SENSIS Agency, James coordinates all of the pieces that must come together in order to deliver the highly functional web sites his clients need. SENSIS has developed more than 20 Drupal sites in the past 2 years.


Saturday, Oct 26th
9:00am - 9:45am


Skill Level