DIY Continuous Integration — Video Available

You know what Continuous Integration is. You have heard it mentioned at every camp and at every meetup. It’s part automated testing, part automated deployment, part Test-driven development, part every DevOps catch-phrase out there. Now you are ready to get started implementing CI practices.

This session has three goals:
1.) explain what continuous integration means relative to Drupal.
2.) introduce the tools available to implement CI now.
3.) demonstrate what a CI implementation looks like in practice

This session will explore what Continuous Integration is and is not with step by step examples and a DIY kit to get you exploring more. Continuous Integration touches all parties: clients, project managers, system admins, and developers, front and back end. If that’s you, you need to know what CI is.

Previously presented at DrupalCorn 2013 and now updated with a better environment and better examples.

The video for this session is available on There may be sound dropouts in the video — it's not your computer.

Saturday, Oct 26th
3:00pm - 3:45pm


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