Down, Set, Hike! Video integration on Pac-12 Networks

Pac-12 networks has a vision to be one of the industry leaders in online sports media, integrating streaming and on-demand videos from all 12 conference schools as well as original content generated in their downtown San Francisco studio. 

A case study by Pac-12 Web Developer Lance Geng and Phase2 Senior Developer Joshua Turton, this session will cover:

  • The Game Plan: the technical requirements of the video component of
  • The Offense: How Pac-12 and Phase2 approached this project from a technical perspective, including (brief) code samples.
    • Running Game: Integration with Ooyala’s API for uploading and importing content.
    • Passing Game: Managing prioritization of display on integrated events pages
    • Special Plays: Integration with Adobe Pass to manage subscription-based content.
  • The Defense: Stumbling blocks, speed bumps, and defensive linemen – what tripped us up and how we would improve this if we had to do it again. 

Lance M. Geng is a Web Developer for Pac-12 Networks. As a member of the Pac-12 Digital Engineering team, he has helped with all aspects of development and integration with Ooyala into Pac-12’s new Drupal website. Before launching the new website he built a custom CMS for managing Pac-12’s video and image assets across all of their video platforms. As a PHP developer he has also consulted for companies such as Yammer, Benefit, Disney and Sharethrough.

Senior Developer Joshua Turton brings a wide variety of skills to his role at Phase2. A programmer comfortable working on both front-end and server-side technologies, he also brings a strong visual sensibility to his work. More than ten years of experience both in agencies and as an in-house developer give him a great flexibility. Joshua has worked on a wide variety of projects, with an emphasis in the last few years on Drupal work. He spoke about the Omega base theme at BADCamp 2012.

Saturday, Oct 26th
3:00pm - 3:45pm


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