Drupal and Cloud Containers

There's a new trend picking up in cloud computing and general system administration: Linux containers. These are lighter-weight than traditional Virtual Machines (or EC2 instances), and they offer a lot people looking to deploy applications like Drupal.

In the wider open-source world, exciting things are happening with projects like Docker, CoreOS, and OpenShift. At Pantheon, we're pretty sure this is the future, and we've built our business on it. We're now running close to 100,000 application containers for our users.

This presentation will cover what's driving this trend, how you can use open-source tools to make use of containers now, and specific lessons learned (do's and don'ts) from the experience of building and launching Panthoen, one of the worlds largest container-based platforms (and the only one designed to run Drupal).

Saturday, Oct 26th
9:00am - 9:45am


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