Drupal for Dev-team Decision Makers

Note: this is a 3-hour interactive lab session.

Whether the important decisions are made by you—the person who is ultimately responsible for your teams' and your projects' successes—or by a junior developer, they're being made. Some of them have far-reaching implications.

When it comes to building with Drupal, what are the big decisions that you, as department heads, team leads and hiring managers, have to make? What perspectives help you ensure the lasting success of your projects and people? How can you best leverage Drupal's capabilities, and the Drupal community, to help you address needs and mitigate risks?

Led by some of the authors of the Definitive Guide to Drupal 7, this free training drills down into details of the resources and best practices that successful teams and projects require. It provides decision makers with concrete criteria for the choices associated with each stage of project and team-development lifecycles.

Topics covered:
- How Drupal manages content (menus, modules, themes, entities, access, etc.)
- Adopting a Drupal-optimized team workflow
- Data strategies
- Security
- Acquiring & growing Drupal talent
- Lifecycle of a Drupal website (ongoing development, hosting, maintenance & upgrades)

Brief, broad overviews of each topic is followed by breakouts into small groups using hands-on examples around the given topics. On-site authors lead each of the small groups.

Designed for department heads, team leads, hiring managers & project managers, this training requires no technical experience with Drupal or web technology. If you are responsible for leading a Drupal team, or are exploring adopting Drupal for your team, you are invited to join this training session.

Sunday, Oct, 27th
2:00pm - 4:45pm (Lab Session)

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