Drupal in the K12 Business Office

The Kern County Superintendent of Schools faced many challenges in the recent recession. Shrinking budgets meant fewer staff to handle larger workloads. Brain drain from retirements of key personel who's knowledge of complex grant-program and regulatory accounting procedures were being lost. A hodgepodge of crufty databases deployed in MS Access, Fox Pro and worse could not be web deployed and were slowing internal operations more than helping them.

Enter Drupal 7. See the rationale behind the selection of Drupal and the specific technologies and practices put in to place to develop and deploy Drupal-based solutions for K12 business needs. Includes a tour of the Drupal-based ordering system for the central kitchen and more.

Slides may be viewed at http://slidesha.re/Hcv7Dh

...or download the PDF from this post.


Sunday, Oct, 27th
10:00am - 10:45am


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