Drush workflow power - aliases, shortcuts, and other goodies

Lots of us use drush, but are you making the best use of everything Drush has to offer? There are many standard and advanced Drush features that most Drupal devs are not taking full advantaqe of. With just a bit of configuration, you can save yourself tons of time and make your custom workflow much smoother. Don't you want to be the cool Drupalista with all the best tricks?

At Jackson River, we have some pretty massive sites to maintain, and manually managing the dev->staging->production workflow can be confusing and troublesome. We've created some drush tools that can be added to our projects and customized as needed to give us a much cleaner and easier workflow. With a single command (drush sync-site) we can update our local dev environment with the latest production db, and change the configuraton of the local site BACK to our development setup.

In this session, we will demonstrate how to set this up for your own project, and some other more advanced commands to speed up your workflow. Some of the items we will cover:

  • Managing features with Drush (faster and easier)
  • Creating custom drush shortcuts for fun and profit
  • Creating custom drush commands to automate workflow (like reseting your local after syncing from production)
  • Drush database tips and tricks
  • Set up site aliases for remote management (drush @prod cc all)
  • Policy settings (so you can't accidentaly overwrite the production database)
  • Little used power commands

We will actually set up and configure all of the basic features of Drush - from installation to site aliases and ssh keys... so you will come away from this session with everything you need to be a Drush pro.

More resources:

 - Slide deck : http://slid.es/ronnorthcutt/drush-workflow
 - Code Repo : https://github.com/JacksonRiver/sb-drush-workflow
- More details : http://www.jacksonriver.com/blog/drush-staging-workflow

Sunday, Oct, 27th
11:00am - 11:45pm


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