Entity Construction Kit (ECK): Architecting a better node

The Entity Construction Kit builds upon the entity system, and the entity API module to make it as simple and intuitive to work with entities. In this session we will discuss the following:

  1. A super lighting-fast overview of the entity system and the entity api module
  2. How to work with entities and how ECK simplifies the process
  3. ECK's architectural choices, and the philosophies that drive them (maximum data-modeling simplicity, logic reusability, and data manipulation flexibility)
  4. The future of ECK (entity type inheritance, data malleability: split, merge, and transform your data model as your app needs demand it, etc)

Nodes have served us well, but on the quest to fulfill all imaginable needs, they have become bulky, to say the least. With Entity as the lower level abstraction, we get a chance to reinvent our future Nodes (Higher level abstractions) to be as flexible, lean and useful as we can imangine, and ECK is the perfect playground to test as many interesting ideas as we can imagine.

Saturday, Oct 26th
2:00pm - 2:45pm


Skill Level