Exploring Drupal 8: Laying out the vision of a geospatial platform on the next version of Drupal

Drupal over the years has provided many different toolsets to build maps and share stories around location information. Recently, mapping Drupal toolsets and other opensource mapping tools have really started to click with each other to provide a powerful suite of tools for creating custom mapping solutions with little to no code.

With the major under-the-hood changes that Drupal 8 brings, the geospatial Drupal community has the opportunity to rethink many of the challenges we've faced with mapping, and solve them with a broader outreach.

In this session, you will learn about the current mapping tools in the Drupal community, examples of how they are being used, and where I'd like to see these tools go for the foreseeable future.  

Questions I hope to answer as a part of this talk 

  • What problems are we trying to solve with a geospatial Drupal?
  • What do other projects do in regards to mapping?
  • What do we do well currently? What's easy to build in Drupal? What's difficult?
  • How do we improve, both from a code and a community perspective?


Saturday, Oct 26th
3:00pm - 3:45pm


Skill Level