Extending CRM Core

While it's easy to work with content in a Drupal website, managing information about people is hard. Tools for storing details about interaction, organizing it in a uniform fashion, and providing metrics about users is typically a task that falls to a number of other systems.

CRM Core is a tool for Drupal built to solve many of these problems. It works within Drupal as a platform to provide basic contact management functionality that can be extended through the use of features. These features act as small, useful applications that add new functionality to CRM Core without forcing you into any particular way of managing contacts.

In this session, we are going to look at some features for CRM Core that are available for use in any Drupal website and provide you with tools and information to help you build your own. We will also look at how they are used to manage relationships with contacts, keep information well-organized over time, and generate detailed metrics.

The following features will be covered as part of this session. Attendees will receive access to special planning tools that provide a structured method for building CRM Core features that can be easily shared with others.=

- Donations: including online and offline donation management.

- Events: including recording attendance and reporting on revenue generation.

- Petitions: including how to target people through email in response to petition signatures.

 - Volunteer Management: including registration and wait list functionality.

Saturday, Oct 26th
10:00am - 10:45am


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