Future-proofing your Drupal business

As owners of medium-sized shops, we are constantly looking for ways to streamline operations, so we can provide value to our clients and our community while continuing to innovate. Increasingly, this means strengthening the resilience of our business models and relationships while keeping an eye ahead of the curve.

This panel is populated by smart and attractive people who will entertain and impress you with their wit, savvy, and entrepreneurial marksmanship. What would a conference be without some good, old fashioned conferring? Here’s what we’ve got in mind:

Size matters
If size is relative, who do we compare ourselves to? How big is too big?

How we fund product development
A view on the importance of products, how we start and maintain them, and how far we’d like them to reach.

Managing internal and external resources
With a dash of HR, legal and payroll, a smidge of PM and a smattering QA, we’ll explore some of what defines our company cultures and development lifecycles.

Investing in the right technologies
Is Drupal the end-game, a beginning, a sideline? Will node.js bring on the Drupacalypse?

Workload and Client Profile
How do you know when your project portfolio exhibits maximum health and stamina?

Fostering cross-shop collaborations
How coopetition has helped us grow faster, stronger, better via: client referrals, freelancer networks, and sharing legal and business advice. Today, this includes you.


We’ll also address maintaining a sales pipeline, building community, and, in addition to soft skills and magic, mention along the way some of the tools and software we use to generate wealth and happiness.


Panel with speakers from Four Kitchens, Hook42, Klamuna, Ricochet, Zivtech, moderated by Andrew Mallis.

Saturday, Oct 26th
11:00am - 11:45pm

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