The future of search and SEO

This session is a new approach to explaining the world of Search in the Drupal ecosystem.  We'd like to present a new approach that search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! are using to better understand the content they find on your site, and improve the online search experience. The main principle of this new technology is to move away from a web composed of keywords and shift to a smarter way of representing information found on the Web. For example, the Knowledge Graph is how Google indexes the information it finds on the web: web pages are no longer indexed as a monolithic blurb of plain text or HTML, but instead, each entity (people, places, news, events, etc) is extracted from each page and stored in a massive database. This entity extraction process also reads attributes like title of a news article, date and location of an event, name of a person etc. Other attributes might be links between entities, such as those found in social networks where people know each other and belong to particular groups. Once all these entities are stored in the Knowledge graph, Google is able to answer questions such as "what are the events happening near Boston on July 4th". The key innovation lies in the ability to match concepts and entities from a search query to the entities from the knowledge graph, whereas before, search engines were just trying to match keywords from the search query to their web index.

Also we will show how this can impact your own internal search tools and how to benefit twice from configuring this metadata on your own website. We will start from scratch on Drupal site in a semi-continuous demo to a fully functional website that is using this metadata to build up your search snippets and uses Faceted Search that is inspired from this metadata. We will be using Solr as our backend to power the search. Be aware, the demo will be a proof of concept, but is within the realm of possible implementations if you'd want this technology today.

This session is for a beginner to intermediate level audience.


Saturday, Oct 26th
3:00pm - 3:45pm


Skill Level