Get started on the right foot! Steps you should take before rebuilding your website.

A web presence for an organization is a critical channel of communication. Spending the time and money to do it right is a big commitment and it makes sense to get started on the right foot.

There are numerous choices and steps an organization can take early on that will result in a better product, a manageable budget, and a happy team.

In this session we will discuss steps an organization can take before they fully engage a Drupal development shop. We will cover key questions that will help you clarify needs and discuss how to get started on your content strategy. We will also touch on several red flags that should put a project on hold until they are resolved. Finally, we will dive into how to build a successful internal team and discuss ways to find an ideal partner. 

Next, we will work through what teams should address together before starting a project discovery phase, including how to identify the big ticket items and alleviate the risk they place on a project. We will cover a couple of the major reoccurring items (e.g. mobile, social media, newsletters) to get you on your way.

Finally, we will discuss options for project communications. The right choices will get the project running smoothly while the wrong will build mistrust between teams.

Saturday, Oct 26th
4:00pm - 4:45pm


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