Herding the Cats, Keeping the Focus

Time for BADCamp - and cat herding has you fit to be tied.

How do you wrangle all those little critters, making sure that the proverbial ducks are in a row?  What can you do to make sure your projects come in within budget and on time?

What management techniques should you use on your project?  People throw around the terms "cowboy", "waterfall", "extreme", and "agile scrum" and none of it makes sense.

Learn about them all and how to avoid pitfalls that can kill a budget, poison a timeline, and ruin professional relationships.  We'll sort out myths from facts.  

Project management requires a blend of techniques and tools to effectively shepherd projects from ideation to release. We'll explore and discuss different tools and methodologies that can help make your project successful.

Saunders has 18 years of project management experience at a variety of shops and is currently Director of Client Services at Aten Design Group. He writes at Dogstar.org regularly - mostly on the business of open source and Drupal.

He's presented at a wide variety of Drupal events including:

Saturday, Oct 26th
12:00 - 12:45pm


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