How will revolutionize site building - Video Available

The video for this session is availble at using this link There may be dropouts in the video - it is not your computer.

We now have support in Drupal 7 contrib and Drupal 8 core. By providing common, shared vocabularies for data and the semantic web hold the promise of increasing our capacity to find, filter, compare and process information from many sources. But that promise will not be realized until site builders start adopting it.

This session will introduce the site builder to and show how through the use of tools like kickstarter and entity fields builder module site builders can quickly create semantic content types reducing development time and eliminating the need for old-school SEO techniques.

We will also dicuss how, using features module, site builders can begin creating features like "albums and songs" comprised of content types and views built on top of schema vocabularies and then share them with other site builders without worring about data conflicts. 

The session end with a call-to-action for site builders to start using with Drupal to build sharable features and an exploration of how we can come together to publish libraries of features that others can use.



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Sunday, Oct, 27th
11:00am - 11:45pm


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