Managing Web Experiences with a Native Drupal CRM

Web Experience Management (WEM) refers to the personalization of a website visitor’s experience based upon business intelligence. What does that mean?!?! Put simply, WEM is an approach to increasing meaningful engagement with your website visitors based upon what you know about them by bridging the gap between contacts and content. That same intelligence can be used by your organization to focus resources where they are needed most and can have the largest impact.

In this session, we will examine a handful of WEM strategies and tools, including RedHen, a native Drupal CRM solution that can power your sophistcated WEM solutions. Among other topics, we'll learn how to use Drupal to:

  • Measure the level of your constituents engagement with your organization.
  • Configure those engagements through a simple, familiar web interface.
  • Customize the user experience based on those engagements.
  • Highlight geographic clusters of engagement on a map.
  • Create customized engagement reports.
Sunday, Oct, 27th
9:00am - 9:45am


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