Migrate V2 Mojo and Practical Examples -- Video Available

In this session we will roll up our sleeves and put the Migrate and Migrate Drupal-to-Drupal modules to work on moving data from a Drupal 6 site to a Panopoly-based Drupal 7 site.  We'll begin with a brief introduction to the Migrate modules and then we will belly flop into real-life solutions implemented recently by the intrepid Drupal team in UC Berkeley's central IT department.  

In a brief 45 minutes we will address migrations of:

  • Entities/Nodes
  • Users
  • Roles
  • Vocabularies
  • Files
  • ...and unmangling of internal links in node bodies

Migrate is an API that we use by extending its classes. As such, it provides a great opportunity for procedural PHP hackers (like the presenter) to cultivate Object Oriented mojo useful for future Drupal 8 development.

Presentation Materials

The video for this session is available on archive.org. There may be sound dropouts in the video — it's not your computer.



Saturday, Oct 26th
9:00am - 9:45am


Skill Level