Problem Solving for Drupal Sites

With complex systems come complex problems. But, like acing the SATs, you can master some strategies to improve your speed and effectiveness in solving Drupal problems.

I'll walk you through a fantastic flow-chart of logical questions to ask and answer as you solve a problem in a Drupal site, while pontificating on the creative side of the problem solving mind.

We'll look at problems up, down, inside and beyond the stack, in Drupal core, contrib, HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, server-side and in the client's imagination and learn how to narrow down issues smaller and smaller until you can just blow them out with your nostril breath.

This session is appropriate for all experience levels and site responsibilities from content creators to project managers and developers.

I've been eating Drupal bugs with coffee for breakfast every weekday for seven years and would love to show you what a healthy part of your diet they can be when well chewed.

(Note, this session is relevant to site builders and developers and could go in either track. I've done this talk recently at NYCcamp and CapitalCamp and you can see slides and video here:

Sunday, Oct, 27th
9:00am - 9:45am


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