Project Prophylaxis: Practicing Safe Contracts

Link to Prezi presentation:

Prophylaxis, def.: the prevention of disease, as by protective measures. 

A panel of Drupal shop owners and their lawer Gabe Levine will be discussing some key points to protect yourself from project disease within the course of a client engagement.

Audience: Everyone should practice safe projects to prevent contagion. High risk groups: freelancers, project managers, business stakeholers, partners / collaborative teams, and shop owners.

Focus areas:

  • Choosing Clients (we should choose clients?)
  • Negotiations and Contracts (what is all this legal mumbo jumbo, anyway?)
  • Work Phase (we can get paid along the way?)
  • Clients gone wild! (they did what?!)

About the panel:

  • Gabe Levine, new media lawyer extraordinaire. Presented "F*ck You, Pay Me" session with Mike Monteiro at SF Creative Mornings. LMGTFY.
  • Aaron Stanush - Design Strategist & Co-Founder, Four Kitchens
  • Casey Cobb - CEO & Co-Founder, Project Ricochet
  • Aimee Degnan - CEO & Co-Founder, Hook 42

Disclaimer:  even though a lawyer will be present, this session is for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of legal advice.

Saturday, Oct 26th
5:00pm - 5:45pm

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