PSD to Theme the SMACSS Way

You've just been handed a gorgeous, static Photoshop file. By tomorrow it needs to be a flexible, extensible, and compatible Drupal theme for some Web site you've never seen. Oh and they said something about it needing to be responsive to 508 or something like that? *gulp* The problem with creating a Drupal theme is —once you know how—it becomes intuitive. Themers spontaneously transform design files into complete Drupal themes without realizing all of the little steps their brain takes to achieve the final solution. It's sort of like those “learn to draw a cat” books where it takes you from a basic circle to a cat with beautiful fur in four simple steps. It's never four complete simple steps though. It's two steps of making circles and then some kind of crazy artist voodoo that makes a complete cat by the last step. In this session Emma Jane Westby (of Front End Drupal fame) will walk you through the steps ... all the steps ... of converting a design into a theme.

Without missing any steps, Emma will walk you through:

  • the benefits of theming by component
  • what you need to have in place before you start
  • what's worth keeping from SMACSS (and what's just overhead)
  • how to refine her simple procedure so it works for your team, and with any version of Drupal

Sorry, there will be no video avialable for this session.

Saturday, Oct 26th
12:00 - 12:45pm


Skill Level