Style Prototyping: Building Content-First, Responsive, Future-Friendly Style Systems In-Browser

Note: This is a 3-hour interactive lab session

Photoshop is not a web design tool. "Pixel Perfect" is a meaningless phrase. The page metaphor is dead. For us to tame the complexity of our multi device world and keep our sites future friendly, we need to design maintainable style systems that can be quickly iterated over and updated across our sites with ease. Let us look at how we can leverage our modern web development toolkit, Sass, Compass, JavaScript, Grunt, and Git, to quickly and easily build these style systems, keep them maintainable, and deliver updates to the front end while barely needing to lift a finger.

We will be taking a deep dive into learning Style Prototypes, learning why we should be using them, how we can create style systems with them, and how we can integrate a design in browser system into our agile process.

Attendants will be expected to be comfortable with Sass, as we will will not be going over the basics of Sass. They will also be expected to have gone through the Style Prototype installation instructions and successfully have the generator installed. Attendants should be comfortable in the command line. A GitHub account is also recommended.

Sunday, Oct, 27th
2:00pm - 4:45pm (Lab Session)


Skill Level