Successful CMS/CRM Implementation: An Executive Overview

This is a workshop for managers, directors, technology decision-makers, and anyone responsible for the long-term success of a CMS/CRM implementation. 


During this workshop, we will provide an executive-level overview of CMS/CRM implementation--what are the key decisions that need to be made? What internal and external resources will your organization need to make your implementation a success? What are common pitfalls in CMS/CRM implementations, and how can you avoid them? What will the next few years look like, and how do you keep your CMS/CRM installation in sync with your organization so you don't have to do it all over again in two years? And if your project runs into trouble, how do you get  back on track? At the end of the workshop attendees will know what questions to ask their staff to arrive at a strategic roadmap for their own implementation.


Daniel Heath is a founding partner of Giant Rabbit.  He has overseen scores of CMS/CRM implementations, from micro-organizations with micro-budgets to large-scale implementations to complex mid-stream rescue projects.


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