Why Choosing Drupal 8 for your Business?

Note: This is a 3-hour interactive lab session.

Your business or any business for that matter deserves an upgrade with regard to the use of Content Managements Systems or CMS. Drupal is not just your run of the mill CMS that you and your developers can use. Actually, using this will definitely benefit your business – especially when it comes to creating your business website, reaching out to your clientele and keeping your web contents fresh, informative and enticing to both prospective customers and business partners.
Drupal is one of the leading names in the world of web content management services and website development. It is considered the most reliable CMS sources, mainly because it provides your business the flexibility in terms of sharing contents, modifying information, interface and designs, content distribution and the perfect business strategy or solution.
Using Drupal to Rescue Your Business and Serve Your Customers
If you have previously used a few CMS services, using this Software as a Service solution will open horizons to better business management and customer handling. This open source type of CMS can be the answer to your business concerns in so many ways. In addition, here are several means on how to use it:
·      Mobile Ready and Gadget Friendly – this CMS is as mobile ready as you can possibly imagine. With the introduction of the Drupal Mobile features, you can be sure that you and your customers would have a blast accessing your website that is powered by Drupal 7 or 8. It is not surprising to know that your customers would rather surf the internet using their tablets, smart phones and multi-media devices, rather than to spend hours in front of computer screens. This is exactly the reason why this should be your CMS of choice, because the software can work across all types of mobile platforms.

·      Stay Connected Using Your Website – aside from its mobile features, there is another way that you can utilize Drupal, which are responsive commands, easy access and highly interactive maps. Of course, social networking integration are just some of the different options that you can choose to reach out to your target demographics, promote your business, increase your sales and maximize your company’s profits. With the increase in the demand of customers or consumers to get in touch with their favorite online shops, you have to make sure that you take on a different plan of attack when it comes to improving your business, as well as your relationship with your customers.
·      Cutting Edge Designs, Display and Features – Drupal-Core is focused on providing you and your business website an edge over your competitions. Through their Frontend Performance Initiative which gives you free reigns when it comes to making decisions that concern the overall look of your website, which plug-ins you want to include on the site, cutting edge tools and adding features, which your customers or future clients will not be able to find elsewhere.
·      Get Noticed by Building a Powerful Website – sometimes, it is not just about your website’s contents; your customers and your business partners are also looking for a well made website with the most appropriate theme. Drupal is promoting the use of the Twig template, which is 10 times more effective, efficient and interactive than the Bartik theme used in the seventh version of this famous CMS.
·      Flexibility in All Aspects – It is one thing that you can create, develop and manage your website without any restrictions. However, giving your customers the ability to post comments, ask questions and give feedback about your products and services is another thing. The good news is that Drupal7-8 can offer you the flexibility and the ability to improve your customers’ experience, when they use your website. 

As a business owner it is important for you to think of different ways to connect with your customers, build a better business website and maximize your company’s full potential with the use of web and digital marketing and advertising solutions. This is where Drupal comes in. With its promise of effective frontend performance at all times, you can stay on top of everything that involves your business – from the design and creation of your online business page, to the management of your web contents and of course connecting with customers with ease.

Sunday, Oct, 27th
2:00pm - 4:45pm (Lab Session)


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