Your workflow needs work: Site building as a separate discipline. - Video Available

The Video for this session is availble at using this link There may be dropouts in the video - it is not your computer.

Site building as a separate discipline starts with good planning. But what’s a good plan? This session will cover a start to finish concept benefitting most site-builders and teams to finish their projects on time, under budget and with better quality. Oh and did I mention less headaches?

How many projects have not gone according to plan?

If you’ve ever had a project go over budget or miss a deadline because … you’re not alone. This session will teach best practices we’ve learned by working on dozens of projects through noticing patterns and predictable roadblocks along the way.

Having a good plan.

You need a solid plan that has been tried/tested. A solid plan that starts from one point and goes to another and covers most of the common issues many site builders run into. Granted, there are always unforeseen elements that may appear even when a fantastical plan has been set in place. We can expect that the client will NEVER change their mind down the road (Ha!)... How can we limit unnecessary or unexpected change or even prevent them from jeopardizing their own projects?

About the speaker

Eric Casequin is a Themer / Developer that has a strong affinity for pixel perfect theming and SASS/Compass. And is a complete dork.

Sunday, Oct, 27th
11:00am - 11:45pm


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