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Apigee’s market is comprised of businesses undergoing digital transformation in response to the sudden dominance of mobile end-user computing and related new forms of competition. This is a new style of computing. It cannot be delivered by putting old infrastructure in the cloud because the pattern is fundamentally different: distributed, occasionally connected, chaotic.

Digital business is realized through apps exchanging data with enterprises. Apps cannot be built without APIs. APIs must be easy to consume. The entire digital value chain must be visible to the business. This wave is about bringing the developer who builds the app closer to the person who uses it while giving real-time transparency to the business via data. To meet these needs, we have built a digital business platform.

We are a new breed of company that builds high-quality software in the cloud and on-premises and makes it available to everyone in the world. We focus on building great software for developers and business leaders by providing that software for free, along with outstanding education about the digital transformation that is changing our world and on selling with direct engagement all the way through our customers’ success. The results put us in privileged company with sustained outstanding growth in revenue, new enterprise customers, and developers.