Drupal 8 Core Search Module Issue Triage

This sprint is suitable for people with some familiarity with using and administering Drupal. No programming knowledge is necessary.

- Look at issues that have been filed on the Drupal Core search module.
- Test to see if they are still relevant for Drupal 8; if not, see if they are still relevant for Drupal 7. We can use simplytest.me for testing, so you don't even have to install your own copy of Drupal.
- Update the issue status and add notes about what you found in a comment.
- If the issue is still valid and relevant for Drupal 8, also make an issue summary using the standard Issue Summary Template.


Friday, Oct 25th

Sprint Locations

Monday Oct 21 - Wednesday Oct 23

Berkeley City Club
2315 Durant Avenue Berkeley,
CA 94704 Thursday

Oct 24 - Tuesday Oct 29

CHX coder lounge @ Eudemonia
2154 University Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704